An original illustrated writing


Shared by: María Isabel Rasines 

I suggest writing a story based on simple art creations appealing to everyone, especially those who are put off drawing or painting because, like me, they feel they have two left hands for it. 

The following task, when completed, will have required a great deal of cooperation and discussion as regards the decisions they will have to make in the different stages, in which all four language skills will be necessary to reach the final outcome. 

Stage 1: Show the students some of the pictures in Warja Lavater’s work Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (Little Red Riding Hood) without telling them the title. 

Before they look at the pictures, we tell them that they tell a famous children’s story and invite them to guess what that story may be and why they think so. This stage will tickle their curiosity and put them in the mood for what’s coming next.

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Harriet Thomson:

I would include two more activities:

Stage 1: Brainstorm different stories or even films. (This will give them inspirations and choices) 

Stage 3: To prepare for telling the story, brainstorm different expressions to help them:

"Once upon a time there was.... "

"In a far away land there lived....." 

And expressions of time, Suddenly, Then, In the end....etc